Advertise at Schiphol for €250 per week

You really don’t have to throw down hundreds of thousands of euros to get attention for your brand, event or product at Schiphol. Starting at a few hundred euros, you can deliver your message to an incredibly diverse international audience.

The most cost-efficient spots at Schiphol

Of course, there are plenty of brands with bottomless budgets that pull out all the stops at Schiphol. But if you have less to spend, you can still do things that capture attention. Make up for your limited financial strength, for example, by focussing on one or more cleverly chosen media objects, and coordinate your messages in terms of visuals and content.

Take Lounge 4, for example. For just €250 per week, you can bring your message to 25,000 travellers. Prefer to advertise in Lounge 3? This portrait lightbox hangs in a very prominent place in the shopping area. More than 10 million passengers pass by it every year. Costs: €1,000 per month. And if you want to try out a screen network, the Digital Shopping Network Lounge 4 is likely an interesting option. The three digital screens allow you to reach around 100,000 travellers per month, at a cost of just €1,000.

Outstanding price/quality ratio on the Piers

The Schiphol Piers are great for branding campaigns. In general, media objects there are less expensive than the ones in the Lounges. But recent eye-tracking research shows that effective reach on the Piers is higher. Since there are fewer visual stimulants (like shops, bars, restaurants and masses of people), and since travellers follow a set route, they see adverts more often, and remember those adverts more clearly.

Adverts on the Piers grasp attention more often. The visual impact is enormously high: from the number of people that pass an object (and therefore can see it), 85% of them actually look at the advert. In the Lounges, the average visual impact is 53%. On the other hand, there are more travellers in the Lounges, and they stay there for a longer period of time.

Pier features

Messages presented at eye-level, and those that are repeated, have the most effective reach among passengers. That’s why it’s important to take walking routes into account when you want to reach a specific target audience. Nearly all passengers see the media objects in the first part of the Pier. But after a fork in the path (such as the ones at G- and H-Pier), and when passengers stop at their gates, effective reach decreases.

On the other hand, you can choose to repeat your advert more often along the entire Pier, and attract travellers who continue to walk. This helps them retain the message. And since traffic only flows in one direction, travellers don’t have to figure out which direction to walk in. As a result, they experience less stress and have a keener eye for adverts. To guarantee the optimal reach for your brand, we will therefore offer a variety of Pier packages starting in January.

Want to know more?

Please contact Judith Klein at Schiphol Media if you’d like to know more about building a campaign that fits your budget and meets your goals: +31 63 017 8440 or