Account Manager Nicolette: Advertising cosmetics

I know where they're going. As Account Manager for Cosmetics, I know passengers' route and behavior from the moment they arrive at Schiphol all the way to the aircraft. We call it the Passenger Journey. And I use this knowledge to advise brands such as Dior, Clarins and Burberry on how and when they can best attract passengers' attention.


Travellers strongly associate perfumes and other beauty products with airport shopping. This simple fact makes it highly effective to advertise perfumes and cosmetics brands at airports. A lightbox sited next to a cosmetics store has a direct influence on sales in the duty-free zone. This is the reason why so many perfume and cosmetics ads are to be seen in airport lounges: that's where the stores are, so that’s where the action is.


The more you're there, the more you'll sell

Whenever a brand displays its visuals in lightboxes or at a promo point in the lounge, we always keep track of the sales figures. These shoot up during a promotion. It's great to see this happen-ing. Often, a promo point for a product is accompanied by ads on lightboxes, giant banners and digital giant screens. Cosmetics brands have powerful visuals, enabling the brand message to be displayed to its best advantage on such large screens. You can practically see the images glow. It's the format and the on-screen quality that make the ads you see at airports so powerful.


Burberry's Brandwalk

Besides having a presence in the lounges, an effective way to promote a product is through what we call a Brandwalk. I think the Burberry campaign is a great example of this. For an entire month, this brand dominated the ad scene at Schiphol. Burberry was visible from the point when passengers first walked into Schiphol Plaza all the way through to the duty-free zone. The first campaign visuals were displayed in lightboxes at the check-in desks, then at a promo point in the lounges, and were also shown in the stores. This kind of approach has been proven to be extremely effective, which is why top brands are choosing it more and more often. They're doing it to create a whole variety of 'touchpoints': interactions with the traveler. Why not, after all? Within one month, Burberry's turnover at the airport rose by 146%. Of course I enjoy helping other brands achieve similarly strong results too.

Savor the magical atmosphere for yourself

Whether you're already a client or simply interested in advertising with us, I'd like to invite you to join me for a tour of Schiphol to see the advertising opportunities for yourself. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes, because we'll be walking about six kilometres! As we go along, I'll tell you about some interesting business cases and the results achieved, while pointing out our media options. During the tour, you'll really start to look at the airport through different eyes while ex-periencing the magic of advertising at Schiphol. It’s such an amazing place to let your message take flight!

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