Advertise at Schiphol: A grasp on the chinese target audience

Nearly 500,000 Chinese travellers passed through our airport in 2018. Compared to the more than 71 million total travellers we welcomed that year, it may seem like a modest number. But there is nothing modest about the striking spending pattern among the Chinese. And that makes this market very interesting for many advertisers at Schiphol.

Hey, big spenders!

Many Chinese people see their trip to Europe as a great opportunity to shop for luxury fashion brands or buy other quality products. This makes them a relatively small target audience with huge potential. Chinese travellers spend around four times more than the average traveller. The Dutch, British and Americans are no match for them.

More than 500,000

Chinese passengers per year

Spend 4 times more

than the average traveller

1.4% total traveller’s share

a target group with growth potential

Here’s how to get their attention

  • Advertise in their language(s)
  • Position advertising objects at arrival and departure gates and piers
  • Go all out during Golden Weeks and Chinese New Year
  • Point out the possibilities for tax-free shopping

Extensive data about the Chinese target group

Schiphol is well organised, and we use and manage the advertising potential to its fullest. We know exactly how Asian travellers move around the airport, what they do, and what products and services they buy or use. Using our extensive target group data, we can tell you precisely which online and offline communication tools are optimal for your brand.

With an average dwell time of 146 minutes and a full range of advertising possibilities, Schiphol offers plenty of commercial opportunities. Our research tells us that the Chinese target group is very open to advertising messages at the airport. By offering advertisements in their own languages and aligning them with Chinese norms, values and culture, we offer the Chinese that final push they need at key purchasing moments. And as an extra bonus: Chinese travellers can get a VAT refund on everything they buy here.

Stand out at special events

Of course, you can advertise all year round at Schiphol, but there are two moments that are particularly interesting if you’re aiming for the Chinese target group. The Golden Weeks in September and October, and Chinese New Year in January/February are two very popular holiday periods. At these two times, we do everything we can to ensure that our Chinese guests have a great time at Schiphol. We create a festive atmosphere and implement extra communication tools to lead Chinese travellers to the shops. Once they’re there, we address them directly (in their own languages).

Unprecedented developments in Chinese tourism

The proportion of Chinese travellers may be modest now, but we see tremendous room for growth. Chinese outbound tourism has grown by a staggering 1380% since 2000. In 2017, 156 million Chinese people travelled abroad. Even though only 10% of the population holds a passport. Chances are that one in every four travellers in 2030 will be Chinese, due in part to the fact that around 10 million new passports are issued every year. Moreover, around 60% of Chinese outbound travellers are between 18 and 34 years old.