64 million people under one roof: Hot for advertising

Besides being a gateway to the world, Schiphol Airport is also an entry point to the consumer. 84% of passengers at Schiphol see advertising as an enrichment of the airport experience. So are you targeting your campaign towards the nearly 64 million people who use the airport? If not, take a look at what Schiphol Media can offer you.


In de top 3

In 2016, 63.6 million travelers took off from Schiphol Airport – a 9% increase compared with 2015. This made Schiphol the 3rd largest airport in Europe. In 2016, Schiphol Airport came fifth on Sky-trax’s Best Airports in Europe list – and was actually second only to Heathrow Airport on its Best Airports in Western Europe list. With the recent improvements to the airport’s Lounge 2 and Hol-land Boulevard, 2017 is set to become another great year.

The most important spots

Hundreds of thousands of passengers walk around at Schiphol every day. They arrive or leave via the various departure halls and lounges. Each location has its own special character. Here are some of the most eye-catching ones:

Schiphol Plaza

This is the heart of the airport, where most passengers start or finish their jour-ney. The Plaza’s key features are its large shopping center and the rail station that's used by around 40% of passengers. No wonder Schiphol Plaza is a perfect place to attract the attention of the Dutch public.

Departure halls

Schiphol Airport has three different check-in halls. The majority (66%) of de-parting passengers are holidaymakers, but the 34% who are business travelers are also strongly represented. The check-in hall attracting the most business travelers is Departures 2: a fact that your brand can take optimal advantage of.

Lounge 1

Only passengers with a destination within the Schengen area leave from here. You'll find lots of different stores from brands such as Rituals Spa and Starbucks. This lounge is cha-racterized by a luxurious, dynamic look & feel.

Lounge 2

This is the busiest lounge, and the one that the greatest number of business travelers leave from. There are seven 'experience worlds' in the duty-free-zone: Luxury World, Modern Dutch World, Fashion & Lifestyle World, Shopping @Schiphol, Travel & Culture World, Care & Wellness World and Family World. Each world has its own special style, making it even more attractive for advertisers who are looking to address a specific target group.

Lounge 3

The atmosphere in this area is designed to attract upmarket passengers. Brands such as Burberry and Victoria’s Secret have a store here. The many travelers from China and the Middle East make this lounge a good place to advertise luxury brands. Even more so, when you consider that the number of Chinese passengers landing at Schiphol is predicted to grow by 10% this year.

Holland Boulevard

The name gives you a good clue: the emphasis here is on Dutch culture. For instance, there's a Dutch café, and the Rijksmuseum (National Museum) will be opening an annex here in the future. The Dutch atmosphere makes it attractive for Dutch brands to profile themselves on an international scale. The boulevard connects Lounge 2 to Lounge 3 and is mainly used by transfer passengers.

HB overview

Connecting brands to the world

Schiphol Media offers a huge number of opportunities to reach passengers. Schiphol itself is a 'feel-good' environment where brands and consumers come together. This makes the airport such a crea-tive and dynamic advertising environment. Take a look at Schiphol Media’s products, which are divided into 6 categories:


The average passenger spends 146 minutes walking around the airport. This means that Schiphol is an environment where the consumer has time to appreciate your brand. You will find permanent promo points at the most eye-catching spots in Lounges 1, 2 and 3, on Pier B, in the Schengen advertising corridor, at Schiphol Plaza and outside on Jan Dellaert Square.

Beats by Dr Dre

Digital Media

The power of repetition is often the key to the consumer. For this reason, there are 1100 digital screens at Schiphol, on which you can deliver your targeted message to a huge audience.


Would you like to put your brand in the spotlight in a subtle, elegant way? Be our guest. There are lightboxes set up throughout the airport. For example, running a campaign on the lightboxes in the duty-free zone is an extremely effective way to stimulate sales in that area.

Shisieso Lightbox

Giant Banners

Make a statement that just can't be missed! Our Giant Banners are up to 25 metres long. You just can't get around it: they're there to get noticed



Original thinking and tailor-made execution make our concepts work so well. Flagship stores are a good example, as they create a positive interaction between the brand and the consumer.



To really have an impact on passengers, use a Special. These offer you all the room you need to create the right impression. Whether you do it in a subtle or striking way is up to you.


At Schiphol Media, we enjoy working with you to create fresh and positive experiences for the passenger - the sky's the limit! How about a Brazilian carnival in Lounge 2? You name it, and we'll make it happen. Like to see all our possibilities for yourself? Just come along for a cup of coffee 'behind the scenes'.

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