News: Schiphol honoured for outstanding marketing campaigns

Two Schiphol advertising campaigns were honoured at ‘The Moodies’: an international travel retail award ceremony for social, digital media and marketing. Moodie International, a UK-based multi-media B2B publisher and information provider, organises the awards every year. With a Moodie Award for ‘Best Native Campaign’ and High Commendations for ‘Best Brand Advertising’, Moodie International recognised Schiphol’s unique contribution to the advertisers’ campaigns.

Published on: 26 March 2019

The Moodies: travel retail’s Oscars

The Moodies highlight campaigns that travellers notice. This year, two Schiphol campaigns got special recognition for their ability to get close to passengers.

“We are fortunate to be able to collaborate in an ideal trinity to create campaigns that really stand out,” says Arthur de Groot, Sales Director at Schiphol. “We combine Schiphol’s Media team, Schiphol Consumer Marketing’s retail expertise and our long-standing clients’ excellent products and services. We explore ¬¬– from a customer journey perspective – an integral and relevant offering for our passengers and how we can connect our media to it. This helps us add value to the journeys of the millions of travellers we welcome to Schiphol every year.”

Gold medals for Golden Weeks

The ‘Best Native Campaign’ honours came for a campaign that centred around China’s ‘Golden Weeks’ – the peak holiday weeks in September and October. Schiphol and UnionPay, one of the world’s largest bankcard schemes, worked together to create Golden Weeks with the golden touch. With a range of special offers, top-brand products and a special partnership with Mercis’ Miffy (Nijntje) character, the campaign encouraged Chinese travellers to use their UnionPay credit and debit cards as much as they like.

Special incentives and media were tailored to Chinese language, culture and values, and targeted the 800,000 annual Chinese visitors who pass through Schiphol. The campaign followed Chinese travellers through every step of their airport journey and offered a golden opportunity to thrill them. The campaign brought UnionPay a substantial increase in revenue, and a nearly 4% increase in total gross sales over 2017. During the campaign, the Schiphol page on Weibo – China’s most popular social media platform – also brought in seven times more followers than an average month.

“We were delighted with the outcome of the Golden Weeks campaign,” says Wei Zhihong, Market Director and Head of Europe at UnionPay International. “The innovative approach to the campaign reflects the developments we are bringing to our customers, and highlights the importance of insight in tailoring activities to specific audiences at particular moments. The campaign’s excellent results underline the importance of building strong partnerships to deliver on that insight.”

Reducing stress with Rituals

The Moodies also honoured Schiphol with a High Commendation for their holiday campaign with luxury cosmetic brand and Business Partner Rituals. Together, they conjured up a winter wonderland of warm and inviting scents and sounds throughout the airport, including a massive Christmas tree with a special Rituals scent. The goal? Help travellers get through the hectic holiday season with as little stress as possible.

Hand massages for weary travellers and last-minute gift sets helped Rituals increase gross sales substantially. Special promotional spots had millions of viewers, and social media exploded with selfies near the special Christmas tree.

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