News: Partnership with Flio

Published on: 30 March 2017

Schiphol has just started working with Flio, an international airport app. The app provides passengers with various benefits, together with travel information. Our relationship with Flio gives advertisers such as yourself the opportunity to approach passengers on another level.

The Flio app contains information about approximately 900 airports, making it hugely interesting for passengers to use. Besides airport information, the app also publishes special offers at more than 200 airports. This makes it an interesting proposition for brands as well as passengers. The partnership between Schiphol Media and Flio is already being seen as by many advertisers as a great opportunity to seize. Schiphol Media already offers the option of advertising via this online app, but we’re going to publicize its availability more widely so that passengers are aware of it. This will increase its effect and also the number of passengers who use it. According to our Sales Director Arthur de Groot, 'This new partnership offers Schiphol and its advertisers another new opportunity to get in touch with our passengers in a relevant way, thereby enhancing these travelers’ airport experience.'