News: Cash in with two China packages at Schiphol

Each year, around 300,000 Chinese passengers travel via Schiphol. Despite only accounting for a modest proportion of our 63 million annual visitors, they tend to spend a significant amount more than other nationalities at our airport. That’s because lots of well-off Chinese people come to Europe especially to shop. The favorite things they spend their money on are luxury fashion items, upmarket brands and products that they cannot buy in their own country. Our Chinese visitors are therefore very susceptible to advertising, especially when they are spoken to in their own language.

Cash in with two China packages at Schiphol

Published on: 28 November 2017

Focused advertising means guaranteed success

Over the past few years, we have gathered a lot of information about our Chinese visitors. For instance, we know the ways in which they move around the airport, where they like to shop, and how we can best reach them. Thanks to these insights, we can tell you exactly what to do to attract their attention and how to draw specific target groups to stores where your products are sold.

Which China Package will suit you best?

In order to reach Chinese passengers at Schiphol in the optimal way, we have put together two special China Packages. One of these can be deployed all year round, while the other has been specially created for the Golden Weeks and the Chinese New Year.

When you choose a China Package, your advertisements will be shown on the digital screens in Lounges 2 and 3 at precisely the right time. In other words, from 90 minutes before a flight to China or Asia leaves, and for two hours after a flight from these regions arrives.

To find out which China Package would suit your brand best, please contact your account manager.