News: Automotive months

Published on: 30 March 2017

We started 2017 in true electric style by placing a superb new Tesla (model X) in the Schengen Lounge. The reactions from passengers were fantastic: people were queuing up to catch a glimpse of this unique model with its winged doors. Since March, the Tesla has flown away to be replaced by an Audi Q5, which is arousing a similarly enthusiastic response from springtime passengers. Sales leads for both cars are sky-rocketing, while brand awareness and reach are also reaching new heights!

During the campaign period, the models stand firmly in the spotlight and take pride of place in the lounge. All month long, passengers can pick up information about the various models and discover what makes them so special, inside and out. The cars have been given the most eye-catching location in the middle of Lounge 1 in order to achieve the best results. And as far as results are concerned, the attention paid to these superb new models has been nothing less than phenomenal. Passengers departing via Lounge 1 are extremely curious about these amazing automobiles. Sales leads are sky-rocketing, while brand awareness has spread far and wide. It's a big success, leading to some targets having to be doubled... and redoubled! Looking at the reactions of the travelling public, there's certainly a demand for more. Who's next?