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Applying for a Schiphol Vehicle Pass

Everyone who wishes to enter Schiphol airside in a vehicle must have a Schiphol Vehicle Pass. Your Employer can apply for this pass online, using a web portal. The driver and passengers in the vehicle must each have a Schiphol Pass for persons authorising airside access.

Apply for a Schiphol Vehicle Pass electronically
Your employer should apply for a Schiphol Vehicle Pass for you. The application and approval procedures are carried out electronically. Your employer should apply for a Vehicle  Pass online. It should be signed electronically (approved) by an authorised signatory at your employer and by the relevant principal, where applicable. If the application is approved, your employer will notify you accordingly. You can then collect your pass.

You can collect your Schiphol Vehicle (Day)Pass at one of the following locations:

  • Staff Security Checkpoint 60 (G-passage)
  • Staff Security Checkpoint 90 (R-passage)
  • Staff Security Checkpoint 43 (Tunnel South-East)

Terms and conditions

  • You must be able to prove that a Schiphol Vehicle Pass is a necessity
  • You must have a Schiphol Pass for persons that authorises you to use the perimeter roads
  • Your vehicle must feature a permanent company logo measuring at least 30 x 50 cm on both sides.

Contact details

Badge Center/AAO/Vehicle Registration
Evert v/d Beekstraat 202
1118 CP Schiphol
Telephone: 020 601 26 26
E-mail: or