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Schiphol Transfer Assistance

Schiphol Transfer Assistance (STA)

If you have ordered a taxi for your onward journey following your arrival at Schiphol, please report to the Schiphol Transfer Assistance (STA) desk. The staff there will bring you - and any fellow travellers - into contact with the (waiting) taxi driver of the taxi company responsible for taking you on
your onward journey. Most taxi companies participate in this service.

The STA desk is located at Schiphol Plaza and is open 24 hours a day. You cannot book any taxi rides at the STA desk.

Schiphol TravelTaxi

One of the companies that provides taxi rides from and to Schiphol is Schiphol TravelTaxi. Click the following link to read about the possibilities offered by Schiphol TravelTaxi and calculate the costs.