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By train (Domestic)

Schiphol station is situated directly below the airport. From the platform, simply use the escalator or lift to go up one floor. Via Schiphol Plaza, you can walk straight to the departure or arrival hall. At Schiphol Plaza you can pick up a free baggage trolley from the platform.

Train tickets

There are 2 types of tickets available for Dutch trains – a single-use ticket, and a pre-paid rechargeable chip card (the 'OV-chipkaart'). You can buy both tickets at the yellow ticket machines in Schiphol Plaza. You can also buy tickets in person at the Ticket and Service Desk, located near the red and white checkered cube in Schiphol Plaza.

It’s important to check in and out at the ticket readers before and after your journey – please visit for more details.

Check out to pre-purchase a single journey train ticket to any station in Amsterdam – it’s a great way to save time on your day of arrival.

Information about your train journey

The journey planner on the NS website will provide you with information on the fastest and shortest route between your home address and Schiphol. It also contains the latest travel information, including details of temporary timetable changes.

Direct or change

From a great many stations, you can travel to the very heart of Schiphol either directly or with one change. Important railway hubs include Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Duivendrecht. The trains come into these stations at two levels. If you have to change at one of these stations, your connecting train will depart from another level to the one on which you arrived. The timetables make allowance for this.

Night train

If you are departing/arriving at night or in the early morning, the NS night network could be the answer. The night trains travel once an hour between Utrecht CS - Amsterdam CS - Schiphol - Leiden CS - Den Haag CS - Delft and Rotterdam CS and vice versa. If it is not possible for you to travel by night train, then why not take a look at the service provided by Schiphol Travel Taxi.

Intercity direct

With Intercity direct, the Amsterdam Airport City Centre Train you can travel between Schiphol, Amsterdam CS, Rotterdam CS and Breda. With Intercity directs’ high-speed service you will reach your destination faster than domestic trains. You can find more information and tickets at the website of NS.

Average travel time from/to Schiphol

Amsterdam 0:15 Haarlem 0:40
Apeldoorn 1:12 Leeuwarden 2:34
Arnhem 1:16 Leiden 0:20
Assen 2:13 Maastricht 2:41
Breda 1:49 Nijmegen 1:45
Den Bosch 1:18 Roosendaal 1:26
Den Haag 0:30 Rotterdam 1:00
Deventer 1:26 Sittard 2:25
Doetinchem 2:01 Tilburg 1:31
Ede/Wageningen 1:02 Utrecht 0:50
Eindhoven 1:32 Venlo 2:09
Enschede 2:09 Vlissingen 2:20
Groningen 2:22 Zwolle 1:44