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Schiphol Excellence subscription

If you travel frequently and are partial to exclusivity, comfort and speed, a Schiphol Excellence Parking subscription is exactly what you need.

The benefits

  • Pay a fixed amount each month – you will no longer need to pay each time you park.
  • Park as often and for as long as you like.
  • Drive in and out of the parking garage with ease with licence plate recognition or your subscription card.

You can opt for:

  • A Personal subscription – Park as often and as long as you like. U will receive 1 subscription card.
  • A Company subscription - Park as often and as long as you like. You will receive five subscription cards with which a maximum of two cars can be parked at once.

What are the subscription conditions?

Subscriptions are valid for a minimum period of six months, after which you may cancel your subscription in writing each month.

What are the subscription fees?

A Personal Subscription EUR 300 ex VAT per month
EUR 363 incl VAT per month
A Company Subscription EUR 650 ex VAT per month
EUR 786,50 incl VAT per month


How are subscriptions invoiced?
Payment is by direct debit. You will be sent a monthly statement for your administration.