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Schiphol Terminal Parking

€ 33,50 a day
  • Possible for pick up & drop off, a short trip or weekend holidays
  • Park close to the terminal in P1 or P2
  • Weekend offer: EUR 55,- (only applies for online bookings)
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Limited availability online during weekdays as of September
The availability of Schiphol Terminal Parking during weekdays will be limited online as of September. Schiphol is experiencing a high passenger growth this year, which leads to more traffic. We would like to refer you to our alternatives. For example you can opt to park in the multi-story car park at Schiphol Smart Parking at P3, Schiphol Excellence Parking directly situated at Arrival 3 or Schiphol Valet Parking with which you park at the door of Arrival 2 and 3.

Terminal Parking weekend holidays
Going away for the weekend? Opt to park in P1 or P2 at Schiphol-Centre for the sharply priced rate of EUR 55 (Fri till Mon). This special rate is only available if you book in advance online. If you select any date between Friday and Monday the weekend holiday-rate will appear automatically.

Pick up & drop off
Schiphol Terminal Parking is also ideal if you are coming to Schiphol to pick up or drop off someone and you would like to spend a little more time at the airport. Since it’s not possible to book in advance for pick up & drop off, you can park without a booking. Schiphol Terminal Parking costs EUR 1 per 12 minutes.

P1/P2 drive in without booking
It’s possible to drive in to P1/P2 without booking first. Please note that the rates are higher when you don’t have a standing reservation. The drive-in rate starts from EUR 33,50 per day.

Drive-in rates 2016
• EUR 1 per 12 minutes
• Up to the maximum daily rate of EUR 33,50

Reservation rates 2016
• 1 day from EUR 33,50
• 3 days from EUR 70,00

Weekend Offer
Going away for the weekend? Use our Weekend offer; only 55 EUR (Fri Until Mon)

Please note: this offer only valid if you make a reservation online

You park your car at Schiphol-Centre in P1 or P2. Although you are not required to make a reservation, you can always do so if you want to be certain of an available parking space (apart from pick up and drop off).
You can book a parking space on this website quickly and conveniently and pay using your credit card or via iDEAL. Select one of the available drive-in options when making your reservation. You can enter and exit the car park using:

• Your credit card*
• Licence plate recognition

These parking spaces can be booked up to 24 hours in advance.

* This needs to be the same credit card as the one you used when making your reservation

You can change your parking space reservation at my reservation. Changes can be made up to 24 hours prior to departure, free of charge. You will be refunded any excess amount or charged for any additional days, should you park longer or shorter than anticipated. You will be refunded any excess amount or charged for any additional days, should you park longer or shorter than anticipated. Cancellation is free of charge.

> Frequently Asked Questions about Schiphol Terminal Parking

Finding your car
Airport park row numbers at P1/P2 are identified by pictograms. They will make it easy to find your car.

Maximum clearance at Schiphol Terminal Parking
The multi-storey car parks of P1 and P2 have a 2-metre clearance. P3 Long-term Parking has no maximum clearance making it suitable for short-term parking of vehicles with heights exceeding 2 metres. Notify the attendant via the intercom that your vehicle's height exceeds 2 metres and you will be able to park in P3 Long-term Parking at the short-term parking (P1/P2) rate.

Directions to Schiphol Terminal Parking

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Schiphol Terminal Parking is located at Schiphol-Centre, at P1 and P2.

If you are using a navigation system, enter Ceintuurbaan Zuid, Schiphol

Tip: Add Schiphol Terminal Parking to your TomTom navigation device.

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