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Privium for corporate clients

Do your employees frequently fly via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and would you like to ensure them the comfort and efficiency of Privium Plus? A Privium Corporate Membership may be just the ticket for your company.

Benefits of corporate membership
The Privium Corporate Membership is conveniently managed online, with one administrator authorised to register new members, take care of invoices, report changes and so on. Corporate membership also cuts down on individual travel expense claims and separate Privium Plus memberships.

Additionally, corporate membership entitles you to quantity discounts when you register 11 or more Privium Plus members at your company, with discounts of up to 15%.

Further information
To learn more about the benefits of a Privium Plus Corporate Membership, please see our factsheet summarising what Privium can do for your business and employees.

Opening a Privium Corporate Membership account
Each Privium Corporate Membership is tailored to the individual client’s needs. To open an account, please contact us via

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Become a member immediately

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