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At Schiphol

Check-in & control

At Schiphol we check your ticket, passport and baggage. For your and our security.

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Special rules apply to carry-on baggage.

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Schiphol is like a world of its own. We have taken all of your needs into consideration.

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VIP centre

VIP centre Schiphol offers the most exclusive location and way to travel at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Read More

Central Security

Schiphol switched over to central security on 3 June 2015. What does it mean for travelling via Schiphol?

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Passengers with reduced mobility or a disability

Schiphol is a large, modern airport which offers many facilities for passengers with reduced mobility or a disability. We can also provide assistance. Read more

Reizigers op Schiphol Plaza

Smoking at Schiphol

Smoking is prohibited at the airport. However, there are a few places where you can smoke.

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