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Sustainable employment

Schiphol is a good place to do business. There are 500 companies situated at the airport, with more than 65,000 employees. The transportation of passengers and cargo creates 290,000 jobs in the country and contributes 26 billion euro to the Gross National Product. With this fact Schiphol is an important driver of the Dutch economy as a whole. To safeguard this, it is essential that the link between education and the job market is solid, and that there enough motivated workers available.

Schiphol Aviation College (Luchtvaart College Schiphol), a joint venture between KLM, the Amsterdam Regional Training Centre (ROC) and Schiphol Group, combines the strengths of aviation-related businesses, vocational training and government bodies in the region and enhances the job market at Schiphol. Each year an average of six hundred students pursue study programmes, three hundred students obtain work placements while a thousand employees undergo training and education. At Schiphol, the College promotes intersectoral mobility aimed at facilitating employee job rotation among the companies located at the airport. The College also finds job placements for individuals who have limited chances on the labour market.