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Supply chain management

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is an Airport City in which a lot of creativity and innovative spirit come together. We are proud that we work in union with  numerous companies and organizations that also want to be frontrunners in sustainability. Collaboratively we are able to put into effect concrete measures, making the Mainport more sustainable and the region as a whole a more attractive place to live and work in. This is something Schiphol and its suppliers and business partners want to continue doing.

Schiphol expects her suppliers and partners to have Corporate Responsibility pulsating through their veins. In our procurement process sustainability is an important factor. We expect of  our suppliers that they keep the interests of the people and the community in mind, while doing business. We also expect of them demonstrable efforts to implement environmentally friendly business practices. In this the 5 focus points of Corporate Responsibility are leading for Schiphol.

It is crucial that the partners keep each other sharp and focused. Corporate Responsibility is achieved through critical and constructive dialogue. Schiphol actively engages in that dialogue. We invite our suppliers to come up with concrete initiatives and innovations in the realm of Corporate Responsibility.

Global Compact

Global Compact