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Noise and community

We aim for the Schiphol region to be an attractive region to live and work in.
One way to do this is our active participation in the  Alders platform. This is a round table, at which partners  and local residents are consulted to ensure that the growth of air traffic at Schiphol and the quality of life in the surrounding area are in balance.

Noise reduction also plays a key role in contributing to an attractive work and living environment.
Noise reduction is achieved by stimulating quieter aircraft and by reducing ground noise.
The local Community Contact Centre Schiphol supplies homeowners in the vicinity of the airport with information on aircraft noise and air traffic

We are  as invested in our surrounding area as it is in us.

We organize “Schiphol open house days”, for our neighbors, and we provide “the Schiphol behind the scenes tour”, for those interested in the goings on behind the scenes.

Schiphol provides schools with education materials to show and teach about what goes on at the airport.

Through the foundation “Leefomgeving Schiphol”, the airport invests in the cities, suburbs, parks, recreational areas in the vicinity of the airport.

Bezoek Bas

Bezoek BAS

Leefomgeving Schiphol

Leefomgeving Schiphol

Tafel van Alders

Tafel van Alders