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Safety & Security Basic Training

Prior to working airside on the aprons an employee must take the Basic Training for apron safety and security. After you completed the Training you will take the Safety & Security Test.  This does not apply to pass renewals or applications for passes exclusively for the perimeter roads, baggage areas or terminal.

The Training makes you aware of the risks associated with apron safety and security. Once you have completed the training program you may apply for a Schiphol Pass. The Schiphol Pass is valid for maximum five years, thereby giving you access to the aprons.

The Training comprises a presentation on safety- and security topics combined with a set of short instruction films. It is based on the Schiphol Regulations as described in the Pocket Guide Safety & Security.

How do I apply for the Safety & Security basic training?
• You can sign up for the training provided your employer is registered with the Badge Center and VTC Schiphol. If this is not the case then your company must first register. The course fee is € 70 per person.
• Sign up for the Safety & Security Basic Training at the Safety Training Centre (VTC Veiligheids Trainings Centrum)  
• To participate in the course, you must present a valid form of ID (non-Dutch citizens must have a passport and a valid residency permit and  stamp). A driver’s license will not be accepted as a valid form of ID.

The training takes place at the VTC training room in the ‘Schipholgebouw’, Evert van de Beekstraat 202. It has the same entrance as the Badge Center.