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Registering a business

Companies that wish to apply for Schiphol Passes for their employees must first register with Access & Area Control. Registered companies must repeat the procedure if any of their information changes.

Registration is needed for:

  • (Non-) Security Restricted Areas Schiphol Passes: for employees who need to be in a (Non-) Security Restricted Areas at least  once a week.
  • Secured Premises by A.A.S. and/or sector parties:  for employees who need to access Secured Premises by A.A.S. and/or sector parties only (offices,  car parks and so forth).
  • Schiphol Pass for vehicles: for vehicles used to access the Security Restricted Areas.
  • Schiphol Day Pass for persons

In order to reliably verify your data we must have accurate, up-to-date information concerning your company’s operations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We therefore ask you to read your application package thoroughly before completing the application form.

We will check your data using the Schiphol access policy. After that, you will receive a written message from us about whether your company is eligible to use Schiphol Passes.

Contact details
Access & Area Control/AAO/Corporate Registration
Postbus 7501 (location code 01-33)
1118 ZG Schiphol
Telephone: 020 601 39 30