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Registering a business

Companies that wish to apply for Schiphol Passes for their employees must first register with Access & Area Control. Registered companies must repeat the procedure if any of their information changes.

Registration is needed for:

  • (Non-) Security Restricted Areas Schiphol Passes: for employees who need to be in a (Non-) Security Restricted Areas at least  once a week.
  • Secured Premises by A.A.S. and/or sector parties:  for employees who need to access Secured Premises by A.A.S. and/or sector parties only (offices,  car parks and so forth).
  • Schiphol Pass for vehicles: for vehicles used to access the Security Restricted Areas.
  • Schiphol Day Pass for persons

In order to reliably verify your data we must have accurate, up-to-date information concerning your company’s operations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

We will check your data using the Schiphol access policy. After that, you will receive a written message from us about whether your company is eligible to use Schiphol Passes.

Contact details
Access & Area Control/AAO/Corporate Registration
Postbus 7501 (location code 01-33)
1118 ZG Schiphol
Telephone: 020 601 39 30