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Schiphol Pass

Safety & security

Everyone who asks permission to enter (Non-) Security Restricted Areas and/or Secured Premises by A.A.S. is subject to controls and tests.

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For staff

Those who will work in the (Non-)Security Restricted Areas and Secured Premises by A.A.S. must have a Schiphol Pass with the appropriate authorisation.

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For businesses

Companies that wish to apply for Schiphol Passes for their employees must first register.

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Applying for a Schiphol Vehicle Pass

You need a Schiphol Vehicle Pass when you want to enter the airside area at Schiphol.

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Suggestions & complaints

Do you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the Schiphol Pass, including the application procedure? Let us know. Read more

Schiphol Pass discount

Your Schiphol Pass entitles you to attractive discounts at Schiphol Plaza and elsewhere at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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Read more about the costs of a Schiphol Pass.

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Need to find a quick answer to a question about passes? See if your question has already been answered here.

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