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Meeting Point

Are you looking for an easily recognisable point to meet travellers? Or would you like to be picked up at a central meeting point? No problem! The Schiphol Meeting Point is located right in the middle of the central arrival hall at Schiphol Plaza.

Red and white cube

Near the railway platforms you will see a giant cube constructed of red and white blocks and with panels displaying photos of objects. Here you can wait, either standing or seated on one of the corner blocks.

Text service

The Meeting Point also features a large screen. You can have a text message displayed here for the person you are meeting.

How does it work?

The text message service is easy to use. All you have to do is send a text message: meet + friend’s name, and then send it to 5030. After the message has been checked it will appear on the large screen. The sender receives a message back to confirm placement of their text. Alongside text messages, people can also leave notes at the Meeting Point.


Schiphol Plaza

Digital Meeting Point