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Schiphol Business Taxi

The Schiphol Business Taxi is a comfortable, luxury taxi service, providing a very convenient way to start or end your business or private journey. When travelling with Schiphol Business Taxi you can be assured of a journey in a taxi in business class style at any time of the day, either from your business location* or private residence directly to the departure hall at Schiphol or various regional airports. 

Comfortable and flexible

The Schiphol Business Taxi chauffeurs are experienced professionals who have been trained to provide you with a first class service. They will welcome you with a cup of tea or coffee if you depart from Schiphol. Another agreeable aspect of this private travel method is that you can make a reservation up to four hours prior to departure, either online or over the phone.

Additional comfort

To make your journey as comfortable as possible, Schiphol Business Taxi offers attractive additional services. You can make use of our ‘check in assistance’ to help you through the check-in process. You can also choose to be taken to the departure gate or collected from the arrival gate by special transport. This is a good solution if you wish to travel quickly and efficiently. The current rates for this service can be found under the ‘Reservations’ button.


The green variant

Schiphol e-Business Taxi

Environmentally-friendly electric Business Taxi

Schiphol Business Taxi also has an environmentally-friendly electric variant, equipped with Wi-Fi. This is ideal for short journeys, for example from and to Amsterdam and its environs.