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Train connections (International)

Schiphol station is situated directly below the airport. You can pick up a free baggage trolley from the platform. Via Schiphol Plaza, you can walk straight to the departure or arrival hall.

Train tickets

Train departure information and international tickets are available at the ticket offices of NS Hispeed, which are situated close to the meeting point at Schiphol Plaza. You can also buy your train ticket at the website of NS Hispeed where you can also find train departure information. You can buy tickets for travel on, among others, the Thalys, ICE International, CityNightLine and Eurostar. You will receive your tickets by email. Payment takes place in a secure environment.

Average travel time from/to Schiphol

Germany Belgium
Aachen 3:45 Antwerpen 0:56
Bonn 4:15 Mechelen 2:11
Dortmund 3:02 Brussel 1:37
Duisburg 2:15 Leuven 2:40
Dusseldorf 2:15 Gent 2:50
Essen 2:40
Frankfurt 4:00
Hannover 4:30
Keulen 2:49
Krefeld 2:45
Mönchengladbach 3:15
München 11:00
Münster 3:30
Oberhausen 2:06
Osnabrück 3:15


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