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Schiphol Smart Parking

From EUR 49,50 for 8 days*
  • Park for 2 days or longer
  • Sheltered or unsheltered - your pick; at the front of P3
  • The most economical parking option

    *Rates apply for online reservations and may vary depending on availability and season.
Choose your parkingdate and time

Make a quick getaway on your next holiday with Schiphol Smart Parking at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, located at P3. This is one of the most economical places for mid to long-term parking, whether for a weekend, a week or a month away. Book online for the lowest price, or simply drive in for affordable day rates.

Sheltered or unsheltered – your pick
The mainly sheltered multi-storey car park is the most convenient place to park. It costs a few more euros than parking in the lot, but you get a lot for it. It’s close the exit and free bus, so you won’t need to walk far. It will protect your car from rain and snow. Plus it’s brightly-lit 24/7.

The sprawling parking lot is the most low-cost place to park. Since the lot spans several football fields, there is no shortage of car spaces.

Book online for the lowest rates
The lowest rates are only available online. Enjoy incredible deals like €49.50 for 8-days. Simply enter your dates in the fields above, then book your parking space now. Remember that even if you show up without a booking, you'll still enjoy our competitive daily rates (from 2-days on).

Minutes from the terminal
Simply take the 5-minute express bus that runs every 10-minutes all day, every day. You will be taken to the Departure Halls straight away.

Safe and reliable
Rest assured that your car is safe and sound. All car parks at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are monitored with CCTV 24/7.

Easy to find
The Smart Parking car park is very easy to find. Just follow the A4, take the Schiphol turn-off, then follow the signs to 'P3'. You can also set your GPS for Holiday Avenue, Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer.

It is possible to access P3 Long-Term Parking without a reservation, but if you reserve online you'll have a guaranteed parking space and benefit from the lowest rate.

Reservation rates 2016

• 2 days from EUR 39,00
• 8 days from EUR 49,50
• 15 days from EUR 89,50
• 22 days from EUR 115,50

You can also reserve for other durations. For parking advice and rates, enter your departure and arrival dates on the calendar.
You can also opt to park your car in the new multi-storey car park for a surcharge by making a reservation. If spaces are still available during the selected data, the multi-storey car park this will automatically be shown as an additional option along with the applicable surcharge.

Drive-in rates 2016
If you opt to park at P3 without a reservation the following fixed rates apply:

Car park

• 0-3 days for EUR 55,00
• For each following day EUR 6,80

Multi-storey carpark

• 0-3 days for EUR 65,00
• For each following day EUR 7,20

With Schiphol Smart Parking (P3) you can park your car with or without a reservation.

Schiphol Smart Parking - without a reservation
You can always enter the car park or the multi-storey car park using your credit card, or by taking a parking card from the machine at the entrance barrier. Before leaving, pay at one of the machines, which accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. You can also pay by inserting your credit card into the machine at the entrance barrier. You will need to enter your PIN code when paying with your credit card.

Schiphol Smart Parking - with a reservation
Reservations can be made up to 1 day prior to departure, for two days or more. Payment can be made using iDEAL or your credit card. Select one of the available car park access options when making your reservation. This is referred to as the ‘access method’.

You can enter and exit the parking facilities using:

• Licence plate recognition
• Your credit card*

* Make sure you use the same credit card as the one you used to make your reservation.

You can change your parking reservation via Manage my booking .

Changes to the parking period and/or cancellations can be made up to 1 day prior to departure. A cancellation fee of EUR 5 is charged for cancellations. Of course, any additional days must be paid for. If you return later than anticipated, the parking overstay rate is EUR 10 per day.

If you have booked through a travel agent, please contact your travel agent to change/cancel parking reservations.

The multi-storey car park at P3 has a 2-metre clearance. P3 Long-Term Parking car park has no maximum clearance.

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Directions to Schiphol Smart Parking?

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Schiphol Smart Parking is located at Schiphol P3 Long-Term Parking.

Follow the signs to (P3) Long-Term Parking. Park your car and then take the shuttle bus to the terminal. If you are using a navigation system, enter: Holiday Avenue, Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer.

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