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Schiphol Park & Travel

The Schiphol Park & Travel product ceases to exist and is replaced by Schiphol Smart Parking. Schiphol Smart Parking enables you to park at P3 long-term parking just as you did with Schiphol Park & Travel. And Schiphol Smart Parking now gives you all the same benefits too, including an assured space in P3 and flexible amendment conditions, and you can book a parking space up to 1 day prior to departure.

You will also no longer be sent to P4 when P3 gets busy, since the phasing out of Schiphol Park & Travel has freed up more capacity for Schiphol Smart Parking. You can book Schiphol Smart Parking for as little as EUR 49.50 for eight days. Be sure to book on time, as the earlier you make your reservation, the more you save on parking.

You can reserve Schiphol Smart Parking here, or click on the icon above.

If you have already booked Schiphol Park & Travel, naturally you can still access the P3 car park under this reservation. To change or cancel your reservation, go to 'Manage my booking'.