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Schiphol Excellence Parking

€ 42,50 a day
  • Direct parking at Departures 3 – pick up & drop off conveniently and comfortably
  • XXL parking spaces (3 metres wide), small-scale locked parking garage
  • Now: up to 60% winter discount for parking 5 days or more. Limited availability
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Fast & Comfortable
Schiphol Excellence Parking is the ideal parking option for business trips or for picking up or dropping off a person in peace and comfort. The parking garage is located directly adjacent to Departures 3 and can be accessed quickly from the motorway. From here you can walk straight through to check in to your flight, without losing valuable time covering long distances on foot. When you return from your trip you will be in your car and on the motorway in a matter of minutes. A small-scale, locked parking facility, the Schiphol Excellence Parking garage can only be accessed by persons who have a car parked there.

Check the parking advice module to see if there are any spaces available at the highly economical Centre Long-term Parking rate. In that case you may be able to park for a week, for instance, at Schiphol Excellence Parking for less than half the regular rate! This discount applies to parking reservations starting from four days.

Comfort – XXL parking spaces
Enjoy all the comfort you could wish for, such as XXL parking spaces (almost three metres wide) and Free Space Signalling to direct you to an available parking space. The exclusive waiting room has free Wi-Fi and coffee/tea facilities.

You can enter the parking garage by drawing a ticket from the machine at the entrance barrier or by inserting your credit card, Privium Plus Card or Schiphol Excellence Subscription Card. Schiphol Excellence Parking is directly linked to the Terminal and can only be accessed by people who have a car parked there. You cannot enter this exclusive parking garage at Schiphol-Centre if your car is not parked there.

Schiphol Excellence Parking is also ideal for picking up or dropping off business relations.

Drive-in rate & Reserved parking rate 2014
0-3 days: € 42.50 per day
Each day after that: € 30*
€ 2.50 per 12 minutes up to the maximum daily rate**

Reserved parking rate 2015
0-3 days: € 42.50 per day
Each day after that: € 32.50*
€ 2.50 per 12 minutes up to the maximum daily rate**

*An attractive offer applies to online reservations starting from four days. You discount can amount to more than 50% of the drive-in rate (non-reserved).

** Paying per 12 minutes is only possible with drive-in. When you make a reservation, you can only pay per hour.

Please note: there are only a limited number of parking spaces available. Full = Full.

Privium Plus members are eligible for an exclusive discount at Schiphol Excellence Parking.

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Schiphol Excellence Parking Subscription

If you travel to and from Schiphol frequently and would like to park even more conveniently and efficiently, you could consider a Schiphol Excellence Parking Subscription. Schiphol Excellence subscribers have access to unlimited parking at the Schiphol Excellence Parking facility without having to make a reservation beforehand.

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There are several options available to enter the parking garage:

- draw a parking ticket from the machine at the entrance barrier
- insert your credit card or Privium Plus Card
- through licence plate recognition (for reserved parking or subscribers only)

Schiphol Excellence Parking is directly linked to the Terminal and can be accessed by users only. Only persons with a car parked at this particular parking garage at Schiphol-Centre are allowed to enter the garage or waiting room.

Reserving a parking space
Although reservations are not strictly necessary, making one will assure you of a parking space. You can book a parking space up to 24 hours in advance and be guaranteed that your journey will begin in peace and comfort. Reservations can be paid for using your credit card or via iDeal.

You can change your parking space reservation at my reservation.
Changes and cancellations are accepted free of charge up to 24 hours prior to departure and you will be refunded any excess amount or charged for any additional days, should you park longer or shorter than anticipated. Schiphol Excellence Parking does not apply cancellation costs.

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VIP Centre

If you, either alone or with your business relations, wish to use the Schiphol VIP Centre (e.g. for a meeting) you and your visitors can park at the adjacent Schiphol Excellence Parking facility. Would you like more information about the VIP conference facilities in combination with Schiphol Excellence Parking?

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Privium Plus members

Privium Plus members are entitled to a discount on Schiphol Excellence Parking.

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Directions to Schiphol Excellence Parking?

Download the map in full

Schiphol Excellence Parking is located at Schiphol-Centre, adjacent to Departure Hall 3.

If you are using a navigation system, enter Jan Plezierweg Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer

Extra: Interactive itinerary or PDF

Tip: Add Schiphol Excellence Parking to your TomTom navigation device.