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Brilliant Package Gassan Diamonds

Gassan Diamonds, a family owned business, is located in a beautifully restored factory building in the centre of Amsterdam. Originally it was built in 1878 as a steam driven diamond factory and at the time with 400 polishers the largest of its kind in the world. Nowadays visitors can view the diamond polishers at their craft, while multilingual staff explains where diamonds are found and how rough diamonds turn into dazzling brilliants. In a showroom loose polished diamonds will be shown in various sizes and qualities as well as an extensive collection of jewellery. Gassan Diamonds has its own workshop where jewellery is designed and settings can be adjusted within minutes. With private parking facilities and an in-house coffee shop with complementary drinks. Gassan Diamonds provides an unique opportunity for both individual and group visits.

In the tradition of 400 years, 'Amsterdam, City of Diamonds', the craftsmanship of the polishers and goldsmiths of Gassan Diamonds will bring the beautiful world of diamonds alive.

Gassan Diamonds has a special offer for visitors of, after the free guided tour we will welcome you in our showroom with a sparkling glass of champaign and we will offer you our free goldsmith service, who will clean and inspect your jewellery in our own workshop.

After the tour you can visit one or more of the various highlights Amsterdam has to offer (for more information please contact us), all in the direct area of the diamond polishing factory of Gassan Diamonds.

For instance

  • Take a canal cruise through the old centre of Amsterdam. Fun Canal Cruise with 14 stops Hop on, Hop off all day long.
  • Experience Holland in 30 minutes, every hour, and every day. Seated on a moving platform, in the comfort of an aircraft seat, and with the aid of special 3 D glasses, this trip through the Netherlands will be an exciting and surprising event.
  • Holland Casino Amsterdam, experience a real night on the town and role the dices!!'
    Gassan Diamonds: Open 7 days a week from 9.00 till 5.00 p.m. Parking facilities, also for buses and a mooring site for canal boats available.

Gassan Diamonds

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175
1011 LN Amsterdam Holland.
Telephone:  020 - 622 5333
Fax: 020 - 624 6084
E-mail address: