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Want to enjoy greater priority when travelling to the United States?

Dutch Privium members can participate in Global Entry | FLUX, the programme for fast border passage at 33 airports in the United States.

The advantages

  • No need to bother with filling out customs and immigration forms.
  • Fast border passage saves you time.
  • Once-only registration grants you access to all participating countries.

How does FLUX work?
Citizens of the Netherlands and the United States can become a FLUX member. You first have to become a Privium member, after which your personal details will be verified by the Dutch and US authorities. Once your personal details have been verified, you will be registered as a FLUX participant.

The difference between the Privium and FLUX programmes lies in the procedures at the respective airports. As a Privium member, you use your Privium Card and the iris scan in the Netherlands. In the United States, you use the Global Entry gates with your passport and fingerprint.

Want to register or learn more?
Go to for more information about registering for the FLUX programme and the costs.