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The first phase of the Masterplan has gotten started

Kickoff building activities at Schiphol

Thursday 11th July, Wilma Mansveld, state secretary of Infrastructure and the Environment, officially kicked off the construction works of the first phase of the Masterplan for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The state secretary was joined by Jos Nijhuis, President and CEO of Schiphol Group and Pieter Elbers, Managing director & COO of KLM.

The first phase of the Masterplan involves switching to central security in the whole terminal and the construction of a new pier at the South end of the terminal. Also these coming years we will see the expansion and remodeling of the security filter in Departures 1 and in Lounges 1 and 2.

Jos Nijhuis: “We want to continue to offer travellers an enjoyable passage through our airport as well as ensuring airlines an efficient process. This cannot be achieved without investing in the quality and capacity of the airport. Smart investments will help Schiphol to remain Europe's Preferred Airport. We have to think beyond our borders. When I see what our competitors are doing in Turkey, and the Gulf States, and on the other side of the Channel, at Heathrow, I say it's time that we get started  here as well. And by that I mean we do it in our own Dutch way: step-by-step, without frills. But with a high degree of sustainable quality.”

State secretary Mansveld: “The strong worldwide network, offered by KLM and Schiphol has made our relatively small country a global player. Something we want to remain. Investing in our airport is crucial if we as a country want to remain a global player in the future.”

Peter Elbers: “Today marks a special moment for Schiphol and KLM but especially for our passengers. Travelling via Schiphol will become even easier in the future; more comfortable and quicker. The Masterplan is the result of an operational collaboration between Schiphol and KLM with the passengers interests at the forefront. These construction works will contribute directly to a continued robust competitive network.  It enables us to maintain  a quality main port into the future, for our local market but also for our transfer passengers."

Foto ceremony (right-to-left): Pieter Elbers (Managing Director & COO KLM, Jos Nijhuis (President & CEO Schiphol Group), Wilma Mansveld (secretary Infrastructure and Environment), Birgit Otto (Director Airport Operations Amsterdam Airport Schiphol);

Central security
the preparations for the construction works to implement central security throughout the terminal, have gotten started. Mid-2015 these works will be finished.

Instead of security checks at the gates, there will be 5 locations with central security passages: 3 in the departure halls and 2 for transfer passengers.  Amsterdam Airport  Schiphol will implement central security throughout the terminal in order to make the passage through and staying at the airport a more comfortable for travellers. It increases efficiency and reduces waiting times at the gates. No longer having a security check at the gate, will better enable airlines to have flights take off as scheduled. Switching to central security will also make it easier to continue to comply with European law and regulations.

Security checks Departures 1
The current (central) security checks at Departures 1 will be enlarged and remodeled. Much attention will be paid to ambiance and it being user-friendly. The security filter will be made bigger in terms of square footage. To allow for this a number of stores in Lounge 1 will be relocated.

New pier and Lounge 2
In order to increase its capacity, Schiphol will build a new short pier  at the south end of the terminal. This pier will have room for 8 airplanes, and will have the capacity for 3 million travellers a year. Construction work for the pier will get started in 2015 and will is expected to be completed by 2016. In that year we expect the pier to be operational.