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Flights to North America: additional screening

From Tuesday 8 July, passengers taking direct flights to North America can be subject to an additional screening of electronic devices in their hand baggage. Any such devices can be asked to be taken out of their protective sleeves and switched on. Electronic devices that have been screened may be taken on board. This measure only applies to hand baggage.

The measure applies to all battery-operated electronics, including telephones, laptops, tablets, cameras, e-readers, handheld game consoles and MP3 players. If - on request - the device cannot be taken out of its protective sleeve and/or switched on, it will not be permitted on board the aircraft.

These additional checks will be performed at the gate prior to boarding and apply exclusively to direct flights to North America. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will take all possible steps to avoid additional queuing time. Passengers are advised to contact their airline to find out when they should plan to arrive at the airport.