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Rituals Spa

Before you leave on your journey travel through the world of Rituals and discover how details can be a source of joy.

Our passion is to transform daily routines into delightful rituals. Take a moment to enjoy a cup of tea or a soothing bath when you arrive at your hotel or a relaxing foot massage before boarding your flight.

Our Rituals Spa offers a wide range of cosmetic hand and foot treatments so that you can embark on your journey with perfectly manicured and groomed hands and feet, feeling completely relaxed.
Just walk in! You don’t need to make an appointment.

We also sell wonderful personal care products for face and body, as well as our range of Home Rituals products, delightful Eau de Parfums, our comfortable Soulwear fashion collection and, of course, our well-known teas. 


Departure Lounge 1
Follow the signs to Pier B/C

Opening hours:

Daily 06.00 – 20:00

Rituals foot treatments

Rituals hand treatments