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  • Holland Casino

    Holland Casino

    While waiting for your flight, enjoy the different games of Holland Casino behind customs.

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  • Hotel Mercure Schiphol Terminal

    Hotel Mercure Schiphol Terminal

    Exhausted? Then it is nice to stay at a hotel at Schiphol.
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  • Hotel Yotel
    • 24-7

    Hotel Yotel

    Yotel, an innovative new hotel concept, offers design hotel rooms at affordable rates. The concept is specially designed for settings where space is scarce.

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  • Lounges


    Here you will find an overview of all the lounges of all airlines at Schiphol.

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  • Massage-O-Matic
    • 24/7
    • Transfer < 4 hours
    • Various locations
    • Various locations


    The Massage-O-Matic is a unit consisting of a contemporary-design cabin, a shiatsu massage chair and a display that shows relaxing imagery accompanied by music. By dropping € 2 in the slot, you can enjoy five minutes of massage in total peace and privacy.

  • Rituals Spa

    Rituals Spa

    Before you leave on your journey travel through the world of Rituals and discover how details can be a source of joy.


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  • Shower rooms

    Shower rooms

    After a tiring flight or during a long wait, passengers can freshen up in one of the individual shower rooms of Hotel Mercure Schiphol Terminal.

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  • Silence centre

    Silence centre

    Schiphol has a Meditation centre for all religions.

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  • XpresSpa


    XpresSpa is your Wellness & Beauty stopover at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

    Our Spas offer a comprehensive range of massages and cosmetic treatments. We also carry a wide range of beauty and skin care products presented by our expert staff.
    We will be happy to welcome you to one of our Spas and hope that you will continue your journey feeling rested, fully relaxed and well groomed.

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