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Mobile website Schiphol

Are you having problems downloading the App on your telephone? If so, you can also use our mobile website.

How does it work?

Enter in the browser of your mobile telephone. You will be directed to the website automatically.

The mobile website offers the following features:

    • Personal travel information and real-time flight information (via e-mail and/or SMS), also from your destination abroad
    • A personal travel planner
    • Keep your contacts informed about your flight via SMS and/or e-mail
    • Reserve a parking space
    • Reserve a Schiphol Travel Taxi
    • Convenient tips and relevant APPs
    • Login via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
    • Publish your flight on the social media channels
    • Comprehensive and practical details of the airport's facilities and travel information
    • Essential maps
    • Current See Buy Fly offers
    • Receive vouchers (discounts) according to your flight 
    • Up-to-date information on news/events at the airport
    • Available in both English and Dutch

    Tip: save as a bookmark in your mobile telephone, so that you will not need to type it in the next time.

    More information works on mobile devices that support mobile internet. is available free of charge. All you have to pay are your provider’s data traffic charges. This differs per provider and subscription. Visit the website of your telephone and/or internet provider for more information.