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New terminal and Pier A

To expand the capacity of our airport and to ensure the continuity of high-quality services, we plan to build a new Pier A and terminal. The new pier and associated facilities will be situated to the west of Pier B and connected to the south side of the existing terminal. In order to construct the new pier and terminal, major modifications will need to be carried out on the surrounding road network and the existing parking facilities will need to be relocated.

Building preparations are currently underway and designs are being created and assessed. To obtain input for the project we held a market consultation day in the autumn of 2014, during which representatives from around 150 businesses brainstormed with us about the development of Area A. The ideas generated during this inspiring day will be incorporated into the remaining planning and design process, wherever possible and appropriate. We expect to be able to conclude the preparatory phase on the drawing board and will be ready to present the design and construction timeline after summer.

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