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New pier and terminal

The foundations have been laid for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's growth. On 15 March 2016, the shareholders of Schiphol Group greenlit the development of a new pier and terminal. The airport will be expanded southward of Schiphol Plaza, immediately adjacent to the air traffic control tower. The new pier will be built near Cargo Station 1. Both the new pier and the new terminal will be connected to the existing terminal entirely in line with Schiphol's compact, convenient design.

Scheduled completion date
The new pier is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019. This flexible pier will accommodate several wide and narrow-body aircraft; either three wide and five narrow-body aircraft, or 11 narrow-body aircraft. A new feature is the flexible aircraft stands located on the southern side of the pier, which can accommodate both wide and narrow-body aircraft. The space reserved for one wide-body aircraft can alternatively accommodate two narrow-body aircraft. The new terminal is scheduled for completion by 2023 and is projected to serve some 14 million passengers annually from that year onward.

The initial steps
We have demolished Schiphol Cargo Centre, a building that had fallen into disuse. The call for tenders for the design of the new pier has been issued. The next step is to put out to tender the contract for the design of the new terminal, the corridor and the aprons. The contract will be awarded to the successful tenderer in December.

Landside, we are currently working on the preparations for construction of the pier and terminal. This involves, for instance, the necessary alteration of several roads, such as the drop-off road, and expansion of the parking facilities.

Working towards a stronger Schiphol
The pier and terminal are the first of a series of innovative facilities that have been planned. In the next few years, Schiphol also plans to invest in the railway station zone, the bus station, Schiphol Plaza and Jan Dellaertplein. These investments are set to cement Schiphol's international competitive position for the long term.

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