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Central security filter in Departure halls 2 and 3

As a traveler, you naturally expect Schiphol to have the capacity to handle all the planes and people coming through the airport. At the same time, you expect the airport to provide comfortable and efficient facilities. Schiphol sees a number of areas in which improvements can be made, particularly in security. For many destinations, passengers have to go through security at the gate prior to boarding, known as ‘de-centralised security'. But this situation isn’t ideal in terms of passenger comfort. From June 2015, Schiphol is therefore switching to centralised security, which offers travellers greater freedom of movement and comfort during their stay at and passage through the airport.

The security checkpoints at the gates are set to disappear, to be replaced with security checkpoints at five central locations: three in the Departure Halls and two for transfer passengers. In the new situation, passengers travelling to a non-Schengen destination (such as the United States or the United Kingdom) from Schiphol will be screened at a central location at the airport. After this screening, you will be at leisure to shop, grab a bite to eat or visit one of the many attractions at the airport. This means you will no longer be screened at the gate.


Future situation Departure hall 2 Future situation Departure hall 2
Future situation Departure hall 3 Future situation Departure hall 3



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