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Central security between Pier E and F (transfer)

As a traveler, you naturally expect Schiphol to have the capacity to handle all the planes and people coming through the airport. At the same time, you expect the airport to provide comfortable and efficient facilities. Schiphol sees a number of areas in which improvements can be made, particularly in security. For many destinations, passengers have to go through security at the gate prior to boarding, known as ‘de-centralised security'. But this situation isn’t ideal in terms of passenger comfort. From June 2015, Schiphol is therefore switching to centralised security, which offers travellers greater freedom of movement and comfort during their stay at and passage through the airport.

Transfer passengers will also benefit from centralised security. They will be conducted to a central security checkpoint via a separate route. To make space for the new central security location, the Terminal will first be extended 16 metres in the area between Piers E and F. The new set-up will make it unnecessary to screen transfer passengers who have already been sufficiently checked at their airport of origin.


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