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Central security

Schiphol has switched to central security for the entire airport. This means that since 3 June 2015, the security checks for passengers and their hand baggage no longer take place at the gates, but at central locations throughout the terminal.

For this purpose, in Departure Halls 2 and 3 central security locations have been constructed for departing passengers. These so-called security filters are located beyond the check-in desks. For transfer passengers who require an additional security check at Schiphol, security filters have been constructed between Piers E and F and at Piers G and H. These are known as transfer filters.

Why central security?
Central security is being introduced in order to enhance passengers' travel experience and comfort at the airport, to increase the efficiency of the security process and to ensure that airport operations continue to comply with European legislation in the future.

• The central security filters are attractively designed and service-oriented. The elimination of the security checks on the piers will also create more space at the gates. This will make travelling via Schiphol more comfortable for passengers. 
• Until 3 June, the checks were performed on a decentralised basis at the gates. All 71 gates had their own security system. From 3 June, the security checks will take place on a centralised basis at one of the new central security filters. This will make the security process more efficient. It will also make it easier for Schiphol to implement changes in the event that new European regulations are issued.


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