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Pedestrian bridge from P2 to Piers B and C

If you park in P2 and are departing from Piers B or C (Schengen flights), walk along the pedestrian bridge and you will reach your gate within 10 minutes. This allows you to avoid the departure hall and saves precious time.

You may use the pedestrian bridge if you:

  • Are travelling with hand baggage only.
  • Check in online in advance.
  • Are departing on a flight from Pier B and C (Schengen countries only).
  • Park in the reserved Privium parking spaces in P2.

Opening hours

The bridge is open from Monday to Friday between 05:00 – 20:00 and may only be used by passengers departing from Piers B and C.
Please note that the bridge can be used upon departure only.

Footbridge from Privium P2 to Piers B & C

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