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If you are a Privium member, you are now also entitled to preferential treatment in the United States. This privilege is enjoyed by FLUX participants. FLUX will enable you to cross the American border quickly, saving you valuable time.

The advantages

  • No need to fill in customs and immigration forms
  • Save valuable time during border passage at international airports
  • The use of existing, reliable and automated border passage systems
  • Once-only application and registration for all participating countries

How does FLUX work?

With FLUX you can get through border passage quickly in the Netherlands and the USA:

  • At Schiphol you can use Privium entrances with an iris scan and your Privium Card
  • In the USA you can use Global Entry entrances with your passport and fingerprints

Would you like to know more?

FLUX is a collaboration between the Dutch and American governments. Membership is restricted to citizens of the Netherlands and the USA who are also Privium members. If you are not yet a Privium member you can apply for Privium membership at the same time. For more information, please visit: FLUX website.

>> Download the brochure for FLUX (pdf)