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Special bags and kennels

Special bags and kennels in various sizes can be bought at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for those of you wishing to travel with your pet.

Consult the overview for dimensions and prices of all kennel types.

If you plan to purchase a kennel or special bag, please take note of the

Your pet must be able to stand up, sit, lie down and roll over comfortably in the kennel.
Inquire at your airline whether or not the kennel of your choice can be loaded into the cargo hold of the aircraft type you will be flying in (consult the overview for the dimensions). Due to hygiene precautions, kennels and T bags cannot be exchanged or returned.

Sales locations

Kennels and T-bags can be purchased in the baggage depot. The baggage depot is located in the basement between Departure Halls 1 and 2.

Dogs in the terminal

Dogs are allowed in the terminal when they are chained up or kept on a short leash.