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Rules for hand baggage

It is prohibited to carry hazardous substances and objects that could pose a threat to passengers, flight crew or aircraft safety.

Prohibited hand baggage items

You are not permitted to carry certain items on board with you. These are specified in a List of Prohibited Hand Baggage Items compiled by the EU. No rights can be derived from this list. Security staff reserve the right to refuse permission to carry other items on board at all times for reasons of safety.

Liquids and gels

Would you like to take your own shampoo with you in your hand baggage? Or will you need to use a lens cleaner during the flight? Liquids and gels can only be carried aboard in your hand baggage under the following conditions:

  • Liquids and gels must be in containers holding 100 ml or less (see the regulations for hand baggage for the complete conditions) 
  • The liquid containers must be placed in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag which itself may not exceed one litre in capacity; 
  • Each passenger may only carry one such one-litre plastic bag; 
  • Medicines and baby food are permitted, if demonstrated that these are essential during the flight.
  • Transfer passengers changing flights at Schiphol are allowed to take their tax-free purchases made at the airport of their departure or on the aircraft onto their transfer flight, provided they have these items checked at a Transfer Liquids Checkpoint at Schiphol.

This applies to all passengers departing from, or transferring to an airport in the European Union.
If you plan to carry liquids, gels or aerosols aboard that you will not be needing during the flight or if you buy such items before passport control, we advise you to put them in your hold baggage before checking in.

Bought at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Everything bought at Schiphol beyond passport control may be taken on board. You can take your purchases with you as hand baggage. Please note that special conditions apply to liquids.

Special conditions for liquids and gels purchased at Schiphol 

  • The liquids and gels have been packed and sealed by the tax-free shop or on board the airline. 
  • You are able to demonstrate that the liquids and gels were purchased on the day of your flight.
    Purchased at another airport or on the aircraft

Transfer passengers changing flights at Schiphol are allowed to take liquid items they purchased at the airport of their departure or on the aircraft onto their next flight, provided these items are checked at a Transfer Liquids Checkpoint at Schiphol. These liquids must be presented at the Transfer Liquids Checkpoint in the original sealed bag. The receipt should also be inside the original sealed bag. You can find the checkpoints in Lounge 2 at the start of Pier D.   

Are you flying to Australia or Russia?

Special rules apply to a number of countries:

  • If you are flying to Australia from Schiphol with a transfer in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, we recommend putting all liquids, gels or aerosols purchased tax-free beyond passport control in your checked-in hold baggage.
  • In connection with its hosting of the Winter Olympics, Russia has announced a number of additional rules for carrying liquids and gels in hand baggage, which will apply until mid-march 2014. The additional rules do not apply if you are flying to Russia with a Russian airport as your final destination, in which case you will be permitted to take tax-free items that you have purchased at Schiphol as usual. The additional rules do apply to passengers flying within the Russian Federation. These passengers will be checked.  No  liquids or gels are allowed, including liquids or gels in containers no larger than 100 ml carried in a see-through bag. These passengers will be permitted to place all their liquids and gels, as well as any tax-free purchases, in their hold baggage.

Have you accidentally packed something you may not take on board?

Have you accidentally packed your nail clippers in your hand baggage? You will still be able to transfer them to your hold baggage before check-in. If that is no longer possible, you can hand in the item to the security official. You may also arrange to have any such items forwarded at a charge. To do so, please apply to one of the service points in the departure halls.

When in doubt, call

If you are uncertain about what articles can or cannot be carried aboard the aircraft, please call +31 20 7940800 (EUR 0.40 p.min) Questions about chemicals/flammable substances should be directed to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, available during office hours at +31(0)88 489 00 00.

Rules Handluggage

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