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Maximum baggage weight

Each airline applies its own maximum baggage weight. This maximum weight is printed on the inside of your ticket. If you would like to bring more baggage on board, you will be required to pay a surcharge. Each airline applies its own specific rate for excess baggage.

Travelling with excess baggage

Do your suitcases exceed the maximum weight? Simply check in at your own airline’s desk. All baggage up to the maximum weight will then be checked in as normal. You will be referred to a special check-in desk for the remaining baggage items. Here, you can simply pay the surcharge for your excess baggage using cash, a bank card or credit card.

Shipping excess baggage as air cargo

Looking for a cheap way to bring along more than the standard amount of baggage? Have your baggage shipped as air cargo. In many cases, this will be a lot cheaper than packing the items in one of the suitcases you are flying with. For more information, contact your airline, travel agent or Worldwide Baggage Services.

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