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Hold baggage regulations

All air passengers are subjected to strict safety checks. These checks also extend to your baggage. Your suitcases and bags will be checked for any hazardous substances and objects. These checks of your hold baggage and hand baggage will be carried out both manually and by means of detection equipment.

Prohibited hold baggage

Air passengers are prohibited from bringing certain items on board. These items are listed in the List of Prohibited Hand Baggage Items drawn up by the EU. You may not derive any rights from this list. Our security staff reserve the right to refuse any item due to safety reasons at all times.

Travelling with hazardous substances

If you have packed any hazardous substances in your luggage, you must report this to your airline in advance. The airline can then ship the substances as hazardous cargo, once they have been specially packaged, labelled and issued with the appropriate travel documents. The substances will be shipped as hold baggage.

Have you packed any prohibited items by mistake?

Certain goods and substances are prohibited as hand baggage items, but may be shipped as hold baggage. These goods and substances are listed in the List of Prohibited Hand Baggage Items. For example, you may have packed your scissors or nail clippers in your hand baggage. If so, simply pack them in your hold baggage before checking in. Some items must be handed in to security staff. In other cases, it may be better to pay for separate shipment. You can do so at the service desks in the Departures halls. It will be too late to arrange for shipping by the time you reach gate Control.

When in doubt, phone

If you are uncertain as to which goods may be taken on board, phone: 0900 – 0141 (EUR 0.40 p.min) If you are in doubt about any chemical/flammable substances, call the Transport, Public Work