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Frequently asked questions

1. Why do we need these rules?

The rules for liquids in hand baggage were introduced by the EU following the arrests of terrorism suspects in Great Britain in August 2006. These people were suspected of attempting to commit a terrorist attack using liquid explosives. In order to minimise the likelihood of such an attack, airports have limited the amount of liquid permitted in hand baggage and intensified security checks.

2. What can I expect at the airport security check?

All your hand baggage will be placed on a conveyor belt and processed by a scanner. Staff at the inspection station will also determine whether your hand baggage contains any liquids. If you do wish to bring any liquids as part of your hand baggage, make sure to package them at home or at the airport according to the EU rules and hand them over to security staff separately.

Any liquids and gels that have not been packaged according to the rules will be confiscated by security staff.

You must hand in your liquids and gels separately at the inspection station. This includes the see-through 1-litre plastic bag as well as any baby food, diet foods and medicines you may need during the flight. You must also hand in your bag with liquid tax-free purchases separately. The see-through bag must be large enough for all containers to fit inside easily, and must be closed.

You will also be required to remove your laptop computer and adapter from your hand baggage, hand over your coat and jacket separately, remove all items from your pockets and remove your belt. See the information poster below.

3. Why do I have to package items in the small plastic bag?

The see-through plastic bag is necessary in connection with the airport security check procedure. If all containers are in the same see-through bag, security staff can immediately determine whether you have followed the rules. The see-through bag must be large enough for all containers to fit inside easily, and must be closed. Security checks will take less time if all passengers make sure to package their items correctly. If any liquids and gels that have not been packaged according to the rules are found inside your hand baggage, they will be confiscated by security staff.

4. Can I still shop/buy tax-free items beyond passport control?

Yes, you can still make (tax-free) purchases beyond ticket and/or passport control. Liquids and gels purchased beyond ticket and/or passport control or on board your flight will be packaged and sealed for you by the salesperson where necessary.

5. Am I allowed to take my purchases, made at another airport or on the aircraft, onto my transfer flight?

You may take liquids or gels you purchased (tax-free) at an airport other than Schiphol or on an aircraft with you onto your transfer flight at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The liquids must be presented separately at the security check in the original sealed bag. The receipt should also be inside the original sealed bag.

6. Do these rules apply everywhere?

The same rules apply at all airports in the European Union. This means the rules apply if you are departing from or transferring in an EU country. Comparable hand baggage regulations apply in the United States and Canada. Other regulations may apply in non-EU countries. Please keep this in mind.

7. Where can I find the rules that apply to hand baggage?

You can find the rules that apply to hand baggage on the websites of your airline or airport.

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