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Rules for hand baggage

Special regulations apply to hand baggage. This is for your safety and the safety of others. What can and cannot be carried with you?

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Hold baggage regulations

All air passengers are subjected to strict safety checks. These checks also extend to your baggage.

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Odd size baggage

You may wish to bring along an item of baggage that simply does not fit in a suitcase, such as a bicycle, musical instrument or other large item. read more

Is your pet travelling with you?

Airlines tend to have strict rules when it comes to pets travelling on aircraft. read more


We offer various services such as the sealing of baggage, baggage lockers and more. read more

Lost baggage

Lost your baggage? Losing a suitcase can be distressing. Thankfully, Schiphol stores all suitcases, bags and other items read more


Check in your own bag

Are you travelling with KLM and partners, and do you already have your boardingpass? Use the Self-service Bagage Drop Off machines to check in.

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