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Security Scan at Amsterdam Aiport Schiphol

Security Scan at Amsterdam Aiport Schiphol

Schiphol makes use of Security Scans provided with a screening technology that safeguards personal privacy. A computer analyses images instead of a human operator by means of harmless millimeter wave technology.

The Scan is used at the security controls and at the Customs controls at the aiport.

Passengers may refuse Security Scan screening on the basis of personal objections. In that case, a full body search will be conducted instead.

The introduction of the Security Scan at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was a joint initiative of the NCTV (National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator), Customs authorities and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Security Scan different from Body Scan

The Security Scan differs from the Body Scan used by Customs for so-called 100% security screening at the airport. Unlike the Security Scan, the Body Scan uses X-rays that pass through the body to trace swallowed items.

More information about the Security Scan is available in the brochure.