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Security checks upon arrival

Passengers arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol must have a valid passport. This will be checked upon your departure to Schiphol. If you are travelling from a non-Schengen country, your passport will also be checked upon arrival at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Security checks upon arrival
Passport control can be reached by following the signs to the "Baggage hall" and “Arrivals hall" (if applicable). After passport control you will proceed to the baggage belts in the baggage hall located on the ground floor. Once you have retrieved your bags you will pass through customs, where a security check will be carried out. Passengers having nothing to declare can proceed to the arrivals hall through the green passageway. There are several catering establishments located here, as well as the main exit and the train station

All passengers entering or leaving the European Union with EUR 10,000 or more in cash must declare this to Customs officials. In addition to banknotes, this regulation also applies to other negotiable instruments. For more information, visit the Custom website.

Importing merchandise
All merchandise imports must be reported to the Customs office. This also applies to items that do not fall within the scope of normal passenger travel, such as protected animal and plant species, counterfeit proprietary brands, works of art and antiques, narcotics and medicines, arms and ammunition.

Please note: the possession of narcotics such as hash, cocaine, heroin and XTC is subject to severe penalties throughout the world. This applies both to countries within and outside of the European Union.

Video Inflight Arrival

Video Inflight Arrival on Youtube

Security Scan

The Security Scan is used at the security controls and at the Customs controls at the aiport.

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