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Passport problems

Do you have a Dutch passport? Did you forget to bring it with you or has it expired? There are several options open to you if you still wish to travel.

Emergency procedure before you can take off

If you notice that your passport has expired, you must contact the municipality where you are registered as soon as possible. The municipal authorities can start an emergency procedure to renew your passport as quickly as possible. This will usually take one or two days.

Applying for emergency documents at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Were you just about to leave when you noticed your passport was no longer valid? In special cases and in compliance with strict regulations, you can apply for an emergency document at the Emergency Documents Office of the Dutch Military Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) at Schiphol. Each case is reviewed individually to see if the person in question is eligible to be issued an emergency document. Be sure to read all the conditions applied by the Dutch Military Police before you leave for Schiphol. 

Stolen passport

Has your passport been stolen? You will have to file a report with the police. The Amsterdam Airport Schiphol police station is located at Schiphol Plaza.

Security Scan

The Security Scan is used at the security controls and at the Customs controls at the aiport.

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